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Everything About Heart Catheters: Three Cardiologists Introduce Themselves.

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With our three experienced cardiologists, the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Heart Centre in Zurich offers the entire spectrum of modern cardiology. From cardiological diagnostics to outpatient and inpatient therapy to follow-up (follow-ups and implant controls).

Since its foundation by Dr. med. Olaf Franzen, the Heart Centre has continued to grow by a great deal of knowledge and competence: in 2021, the team of cardiologists was expanded by Dr. med. Gabriela Matthieu and Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Waltenberger - both in terms of our capacity and our combined experience.

Cardiologists in the Centre of Zurich, but with International Expertise

The three heart specialists together welcome our patients in the impressive range of languages English, French, German, Dutch, Romanian, Spanish and Danish. As a team, they have gained cardiology practice experience and recognition in the 14 countries of Germany, Denmark, UK, Netherlands, China, Hong-Kong, Israel, Singapore, Sweden, Vietnam, Slovenia, USA, Romania and Switzerland.

Dr Olaf Franzen is considered a pioneer of cardiac catheterisation methods, especially TAVI and MitraClip interventions. He has treated over 1000 patients in 10 years, worked in the well-known Notion study and was part of the team that performed the first human catheter intervention for leaflet repair in mitral valve regurgitation in Europe. Having been exposed to catheter-based methods early on, he knows all the variations, intricacies and specialities of this field.

Dr. Gabriela Mathieu, as former chief physician of the Ponderas Academic Hospital in Bucharest, expands the expertise of our cardiology practice in Zurich with her further training in holistic treatment approaches, functional and mitochondrial medicine as well as metal toxicology.

Prof. Dr. Waltenberger has been active for 30 years both as a researcher and as a practising physician with a professorship and thus has a unique and direct insight into modern cardiac medicine. As a much-cited author and recipient of various research awards, he has contributed to the current state of cardiac medicine with hundreds of scientific publications.

In addition, we have been working for years with international partners, a network of referring physicians from the region and the Hirslanden Klinik im Park. As cardiologists, we are fascinated by the many aspects of modern cardiac medicine, which makes us all the more pleased with the broad cooperation we enjoy.

Everything Your Heart Needs - the Heart Center in Switzerland

Each of our three specialists is available to you as a patient for the entire spectrum of cardiological diagnostics, treatment and therapy. 

The Diagnostic and Therapeutic Heart Centre is located in Zurich, in Zurich-Brunau, right between the shopping centres Sihlcity, Brunaupark and the Saalsporthalle. It is easy to reach by car or public transport and is open from Monday to Friday. 

Please contact us at any time. We offer initial cardiological examinations and preventive checks and are also happy to work with your family doctor as a referrer.

Your heart is our focus.

Dr. med. Olaf Franzen

Hamburg, London, Copenhagen, Hong-Kong, Singapore and Zurich - as a specialist in interventional cardiology and pioneer of minimally invasive heart valve therapy, Dr. med. Olaf Franzen has been performing cather-based interventions on the heart for more than 20 years in major medical centres around the world. He is available for the entire spectrum of outpatient / inpatient diagnostics and treatment. Languages: German, English, Danish

Dr. med. Gabriela Mathieu

The experienced cardiologist Dr. med. Gabriela Mathieu is available for conventional outpatient initial cardiological assessment, diagnostics and treatment. In addition, she pursues a holistic approach to treatment and is happy to provide support to patients who wish to examine or pursue alternative treatment options. Languages: German, English, French, Spanish and Romanian.

Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Waltenberger

As a professor of internal medicine, cardiology and angiology as well as an interventional cardiologist, Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Waltenberger has 30 years of expertise in research and practice with international recognition. He is available for the entire spectrum of outpatient / inpatient diagnostics and treatment. Languages: German, English, Dutch.

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