Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Waltenberger

Specialist in Cardiology and General Internal Medicine

Johannes Waltenberger
Address: Kappelistrasse 35, 8002 Zurich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 44 461 00 67
Availability: Mo-Fr 8am to 5pm

Focusing on the Individual with Great Experience

Prof. Johannes Waltenberger, MD, is a highly experienced international clinical and interventional cardiologist who has worked for over three decades in cutting-edge university medicine, research, practice and teaching in the Netherlands (Maastricht), Sweden (Uppsala) and Germany (Heidelberg, Ulm, Münster).

Prof. Waltenberger is also a pioneer in molecular cardiology. Thanks to his profound expertise, he is able to evaluate current research results and new scientific findings and to provide you as a patient with meaningful innovations and beneficial forms of therapy.

Patient Self-Determination is the Focus

Decisions about diagnostic and therapeutic procedures can be made together, gladly in the presence of your partner, a close relative or another trusted person. Ethical standards in diagnostics and therapy form the solid basis of individual and patient-centred cardiology.

Prof. Johannes Waltenberger has additional qualifications such as sports cardiology and intensive care medicine. He is available to our patients in German, English, Dutch and Swedish.

You will find a good insight into the career and diverse competences of Prof. Johannes Waltenberger, which are thus available to you at our Heart Centre, in the following two articles and in the tabs below. 

Circulation - European Perspectives in Cardiology: Pioneer Johannes Waltenberger
CardioPluse: Personal experiences of émigré cardiologist

  • Special scientific expertise in the field of circulatory disorders and their treatment options.
  • Special expertise in complex coronary situations and acute and chronic coronary syndrome.
  • Wide range of experience in complex and difficult borderline cases in cardiology; including many years of cardiology co-management of anxiety patients.
  • Many years of experience as a clinical and scientific mentor; accompaniment of professional and personal growth processes
  • Internationally recognised expertise: (Co-)editing of various scientific journals
  • Additional qualification in sports cardiology (level 2), DGK
  • Additional designation intensive care medicine
  • Specialist in cardiology
  • Habilitation
    Medical Faculty of the University of Ulm 1998
  • Specialist for internal medicine
  • Dissertation / Doctor of Medicine
    Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Faculty of Clinical Medicine I 1990
  • Visiting studies
    Boston University School of Medicine (USA) 1988 - 1988
  • Visiting studies
    Harvard Medical School, Boston (USA) 1987 - 1988
  • Visiting studies
    University of Glasgow (GB) 1986 - 1986
  • Study of human medicine, state examination (very good)
    Ruprecht Karls University Heidelberg 1982 - 1988

The complete list of publications can be found on Google Scholar.

  • Discovery of the molecular mechanism of action of the vascular growth factor VEGF
  • Discovery of growth factor resistance as a cause of impaired cardiovascular function. (Basis for new concepts in prevention and therapy of cardiovascular diseases).
  • Professorship in Invasive Cardiology at Maastricht University, NL (successor: Prof. Dr. Frits Bär, call primo et unico loco)
  • Numerous honorary posts in professional societies (incl. former board member as Councillor on the Board of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC))
  • Professorship in Cardiology at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, SE (successor: Prof. Dr. Lars Rydén), Ruf primo et unico loco.
  • Professorship for Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Angiology, WW University Münster, DE (successor: Prof. Dr. Günter Breithardt)
  • Founder and speaker of the project group "Ethics in Cardiology" (DGK)
  • Founding member of the Council on Basic Cardiovascular Science (ESC), former chair, secretary and treasurer
  • Founding member of the Gerontocardiology Working Group (DGK)
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+41 44 461 00 67
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